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Strappado Wrack
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Friday, April 25, 2014

We already know who won the elections!

With the mid term elections just around the corner, there is little suspense as to the outcome. How can you say that with so many races too close to call? Flip a coin - the victory can go either way . . . Well, how often people forget or refuse to learn! Just look at the voting turn out, the kind of people casting a ballot and the candidate choices that are allowed. Some may say that only the baffled could defend this system and protect the process. But that assessment would endow noble motives on those who bestow their consent. While there are many elements that diminish the quality level of the political selection, most are unwilling to address the most glaring. It is a given that the majority of the electorate are voting their own interests. No doubt that government employees, school teachers, pensioners and AARP retirees turn out in force. 

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