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Strappado Wrack
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Financial Market That Few Understand

The average investor finally, has gotten the wake up call that they have been ignoring. It required a dramatic drop after weeks of steady decline. Some analysts call it a free fall, while the more astute view it as the ultimate insider opportunity. Yes, serious money can be made from the relics of the duped. If your timing is correct, shorting the index is pure joy. Ever hear of a zero sum gain? Well, welcome to the realm of financial misery for the many and glee for the few. While Jesse Livermore was the most famous short seller, he died broke and at his own hands. How many of the believers in the American dream will befall the same fate? Mutual funds, the 401 K and IRA's are a way of life for most investors. They bought into the rising market theory and plunged in with both feet. 

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