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Friday, April 18, 2014

It’s Time for a Season Change

The seasons are changing once again, but the political climate remains the same. The leaders of the WAR Party and their mouthpieces in the media only seems to live by an attitude that they are always right and disagreement with their eagerness for their own form of aggression is an affront to our country. The objective for justice, once again, is confused with the rush for perceived retribution. Balance, prudence and harmony are ignored for an improper compulsion to rescue the false pride of a ruling elite. The populace chimes in with a befuddled parody for moral outrage, while lacking a proper understanding or distinction of the self induced causes for our own insecurity. 

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Politics American Style

A good way to get a fresh perspective on U.S. politics is to read the foreign press. The Economist has a little blurb that the distinguish analyst J Olin Grabbe calls - American Politics for Dummies. What is revealing about the list of current want-a-bees is that many come from familiar families and most of the rest have been in government before. If you get past the partisan affiliations, what is clear is a pattern - to join the accepted political class one needs to adopt a willingness to get the nomination from the DemocRATS or the RepubliCANT'S. 

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

To be a Skeptic or a Cynic?

The most consistent and frequent feedback we receive from readers is a desire to have solutions. Touching on this natural need to make sense out of your environment, most people presume that without answers, there is no point in dealing with the significant issues of cosmology. Politics without resolutions just becomes a nasty inevitability. The essential question that most avoid is whether it is intelligent and circumspect for anyone to hold that there are answers to the human condition? Now it is completely understandable why individuals want to evade asking, much less answering this question. But it does not absolve them from the consequences of the inherent reality that effects our planet. 

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One Year Later Minus a Month

Get ready for all the memorials and assessments. They will be non stop in a month. The airwaves, cable and print will go on a marathon that will saturate your consciousness and will leave you numb.  I will be one of the fortunate ones - and will be in the UK for the anniversary remembrance of 911.  The view from overseas, indubitably will be slanted from a different perspective. So before your tune all this out, maybe you should reflect upon what has happened and how our country has changed. How many times do we need to hear that America has rediscovered their long lost spirit of outrage? No matter were you fall on the political spectrum, we can all agree our sincere sorrow for the loss of innocent life.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Talk Radio has Mellowed

Once the rage of the airwaves, now talk radio sounds more like a branch of the weekly presidential address. Mimicking the popular line and national mood builds careers. Just look at the latest rising star - Sean Hannity. Since 911 his script has been insufferable. We expect Rush to play to the party faithful and count on Oliver North to take the hard line, but where is the intelligent inquiry? There was a time when G Gordon Liddy could be heard to challenge the beltway crowd. Now what we get is Janet Parshall whining. For every Michael Savage there are a dozen Cal Thomas clones. Thank God for Bob Grant.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Real America - Celebrates Correct Choices

All too often people in the public spotlight wish to create an image of their special importance. The entire celebrity culture has been fabricated upon the notion that there is "the privileged few", while the rest of us are intended, just to serve the snobs. Well, this attitude is not the Real America. The passing of a national symbol, Ted Williams, as a relic of the rugged individualist, has been well reported. While he was a hero to many, the many are the mold for the culture. If you want to understand the actual pulse of the nation, visit the bazaars and market-places where they gather. 

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Financial Market That Few Understand

The average investor finally, has gotten the wake up call that they have been ignoring. It required a dramatic drop after weeks of steady decline. Some analysts call it a free fall, while the more astute view it as the ultimate insider opportunity. Yes, serious money can be made from the relics of the duped. If your timing is correct, shorting the index is pure joy. Ever hear of a zero sum gain? Well, welcome to the realm of financial misery for the many and glee for the few. While Jesse Livermore was the most famous short seller, he died broke and at his own hands. How many of the believers in the American dream will befall the same fate? Mutual funds, the 401 K and IRA's are a way of life for most investors. They bought into the rising market theory and plunged in with both feet. 

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Summer Disturbed by Media Ratings Wars

The public seeks to ignore the value of their retirement accounts, while they relish in the lull of a political year from the dog day's of summer. Forget about the national pastime, the baseball whores have now become the cable programming bores. More "War on Terror" is only interrupted with the newest 'breaking news' non report about the latest child molestation case. For news junkies, this is a time of the Big Sleep. No wonder that TV executives are retooling their format appealing to the remaining viewership that takes their teeth pulling without an anesthetic. 

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The need to create Iraq as a villain

Scoundrels come in many shapes and forms. Saddam Hussein is certainly no Simon Bolivar. But what politician really seeks policies that liberates their own people? In Saddam’s case we have a dictator who often masters surprising political skills. He is another one of those infamous survivors. Since we have heard the unending drum beat that this one man is the Pol Pot of the middle east, it should not surprise anyone that any efforts that attempt to defuse the looming hostilities to remove this tyrant, will encounter domestic criticism. We all know the routine. It's only time before he has operational weapons of mass destruction. Defining explicit details and evidence is usually short on specifics and long of hype. There is no doubt that a despot can be an Iranian shah or an Iraqi butcher. 

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Now we know what makes up the ‘Pol’

As the country expresses its public disgust over the insult from the California court, we all seem to relish in the latest round of flag waving. Yes, emotional patriotism is the national sport. No doubt this one is a slam dunk, but why do so many people chime in on this concern, when they ignore the systemic abuses? It is not about the decisions of a few wacky judges, it has always been about the culture of the political class that represents your interests. But when was the last time your true interests were taken up by your representatives?  A particular attitude, after the pledge of allegiance decision has made the rounds on many sites.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Health care from your Governor

Recently a well know publisher featured a column on the MSHPA. Now how many people have even heard about this creation! What is it another federal agency? No this time these obscure letters stand for the Model State Health Powers Act. So what can be so disturbing about another law? Doesn't the government pass them all the time? Well, we all know the horror stories that the federal government causes, but this time we have to worry about what individual states are up to. The MSHPA is a law being introduced in all 50 state legislatures granting emergency powers to governors and public-health authorities.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Duty as a Virtue and Service as an Obligation

One of the primary tasks of a White House press secretary is to fabricate, invent or misdirect government policy, for popular consumption. Another is to translate what the President really means after he just said it. And sometimes he plays the cheer leader before a major speech. Well, Ari Fleischer had the admirable assignment of putting on a happy face while his words ring with the clarity of a skilled orator. 

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Security is a state of mind

Look at the chart of the major Intelligence Community agencies. Your government provides links to each in order to share information about each organization. Missing from the FBI site is reference to the new role that President Bush is proposing for this Bureau. Internal Security sounds like a goal that citizens should eagerly support, but like any function that seems sensible, the devil is always in the details. Now we are presented with a fundamental change in the role that the Federal Bureau of Investigation will operate under. After much speculation, the legacy that J Edgar Hoover built and the organization that entrusted Robert Hanssen to keep the country protected, will get the nod to run the nation's attempt to win the domestic war on terrorism. 

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Herr Mueller: by what name should we address you?

When the head of the secret police took charge, the people of the fair land looked the other way. A veteran of war in the service of his country, he was well trained for the task that he was assigned. Police work came natural, and his talents were well suited to collecting information about members of groups that were enemies of the State. When he was put in charge of the secret police he involved himself in the tracking down of potential opponents to the Fatherland. His methods became infamous. His orders were followed with total obedience. And the carnage that ensued, will never be forgotten! Or has it? The name of this man was Mueller. You heard of him, haven't you? 

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Standoff Over Disputed Territory

Political feuds are normal in the real world. But when it spills over into threat for open warfare, bystanders start to take notice. Lessons of history have value for even the most obstinate defender of turf. Intractable disputes increases the avoidance of internal errors. But when the intensity of stubborn behavior spills over into the public sector, it ceases to be private business and risks becoming a civic nightmare. So what does a Texan election riot have to do with an impending run-up elections in Jammu and Kashmir? Both are worlds apart, but the similarities of each bear a striking resemblance of rigid inflexibility. 

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