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Friday, February 21, 2014

None Dare Call It Conspiracy!

"The Carl Sandburgs of the future will spend whole lifetimes trying to analyze the drama of this week and this scene. What it all comes down to - after the assassination of a president, the wounding of a governor, the slaying of a policeman, and the killing of a man nobody really knew - is little Jack Ruby." - Syndicated columnist Dorothy Kilgallen, February 1964 

 When Info Babes are all the rage, two that had the most, are not around to tell their tale. You don't have to swallow those stories of UFO's to know that Dorothy Kilgallen knew more then us. And who would question that Marilyn Monroe, had the inside track on the men from the top. So why should we reminisce upon their untimely demise, when we have such fond memories?

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