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Strappado Wrack
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

GWB another LBJ

Texas was the home of Stephen Austin and Sam Houston, was defended by Davy Crockett and has fashioned some of the most bona fide Americans in all the country.  But to the eternal shame of the state mockingbird symbol bears the scars of producing two utter failures as president.  Sure, George Walker Bush was born in New Haven of Connecticut Yankee stock, but he has adapted well to the facade of a wild west.  The Real West would spit on either of these bandits that robbed and raped while they pranced and stole.  The appearance of social justice or compassion doesn’t square with their records of dictatorial arrogance.  Straight talk folks smell a rotten carcass.  The dead bodies that fill their Alamo, deserve a national autopsy.

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