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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hail Exclusion - Divisive is Normal

The multiculturalists would have you swallow that self interest is divisive if it conflicts with their frenzied agenda. At the core of this fallacy is that discord is worse than freedom. These quacks would have you believe that Populist Nationalism is the most dangerous of human aspirations. In a seminal speech to the Third Annual Conference on Authentic History and the First Amendment, Ken Schmidt strikes a cord that exposes the pretension of the hypocrites. He cites the historian and social thinker Christopher Lasch and what he calls a “Revolt of the Elites.” “The people that rule over us—the big business managerial elite, the media barons, the Zionists and the Manhattan intelligencia—adhere to values that are strongly at variance with those of working and middle-class whites.”

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