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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Commissar Daschle Shows His Colors

Senator Thomas Daschle is one of the most detestable politicians of the last decade. Many deserve this same description, but the newly relegated minority status is just too much to bear for an egomaniac of his ilk. Once and for all let the record state that this rabid partisan of the Socialist State is a falsifier of reality and a deceiver of the People. You need not be a believer in the integrated welfare society to want the betterment for our fellow citizens. But for anyone to conclude that the policies of centralized distribution is the best way to achieve sweeping quality of life, you would be in need of a brain transplant. Daschle is a toady for “collectivism” and a swindler of our heritage. When he whines that he is a victim - dejected and depressed because he didn’t get all his schemes passed, he insults the intelligence of every American. That is exactly how deceitful this prevaricator treats the public.

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