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Strappado Wrack
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Buckwheat Shuffles Back Home

The 'First Black' President returns to his roots. Well, that in effect is what he said today. As the crowd cheers and the music plays, the first fornicator says he hopes to appear on the Apollo stage! No doubt he will, but whether he plays his saxophone or just refines his soft shoe routine, he will continue to mesmerize the most confused and ignorant. No need to tap dance around this crowd, they all love the pimp and are quite willing to buy his dope. He's the superstar, the man and an example of what jive can produce. He talks of interdependence and how much we all need each other. How much he brings to the community. And how much he is now at home! Who could resist this guy? How could anyone not follow his lead? 

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